OneAV & Coronavirus

OneAV is still open and still shipping, but because of coronavirus, we have closed the office.

You can order on our website with delivery directly to you, or site and the delivery will be contact-free. 

The warehouse is operating using just a single member of staff to minimise risk. It will continue to do so as long as couriers and Royal Mail keep working (or the Government advises otherwise).

Our sales + support team are still available via a temporary catch-all email address that we’ve set up – Someone working from home will respond to your query promptly.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this period.

Much obliged,
Everyone at OneAV

Just Add Power and Enado™ – a match made in heaven – but why?

Just Add Power is a cost-effective 4K Ultra HD video-over-IP system with integrated video wall capabilities. Enado™ is a profitable intuitive control and automation solution. Used together to deliver the ultimate viewing experience, users can change any display to any source and select their desired video wall configuration on the fly, whether it be one large image across all the displays, nine independent images, or any combination in between with one simple touch using any web-browser enabled device. That can even be a cost-effective sub £100 device like an Amazon Echo Show.

The J+P platform supports 4K Ultra HD resolutions with no latency over a single Cat 5e cable, HDMI 2.0 devices with HDCP 2.2, HDR, HDR10, and uncompressed lossless multichannel audio formats — including Dolby Atmos— offers built-in video wall functionality for displays installed in portrait and flipped configurations, as well as image push, pull, and pop features. An integrated scaler on the receiver automatically adjusts the picture to fit the screen. Control inputs with RS-232, CEC, and IR are all available.

The J+P & Enado™ demo was extremely popular at ISE and the pairing was described as ‘a match made in heaven’. Chris Cadwallader, Technical Advisor for OneAV tells why they work so well together.

Why do they work well together?

Just Add Power is an IP controlled system whose source to display control is determined by the switching of VLANs present on the PoE switch powering the Just Add Power devices. Enado™ is an affordable, flexible and simple operating system/brain that facilitates superior control through a simple touch screen interface that runs on any web-enabled device, smartphone or tablet.

One of the main methods of control Enado™ offers is IP, making Enado™ ideal for Just Add Power. With Enado™, you can create a button that is capable of doing any amount of commands. Do you want to switch Display X to Source Y? It can do that! Want to switch your video wall (16 devices) to Source Z? It can do that no problem.

Control of Just Add Power’s switching is not the limit here. With a static route comes Layer 3 control. This enables you to control every Just Add Power device individually however you may need. Typically you would use this to send serial commands over IP, change video wall modes and so much more. From my experience with Just Add Power and Enado™, my options have been limitless. Those of you who went to our stand at ISE will have seen the interface we had created and how easy and simple it was to use.

How is it set up?

You can import a file pre-generated by Just Add Power, and this gives you all of the switching commands that you need in order to control your video over IP solution. From there, you can create buttons within the Enado™ system and start assigning these commands to them however you would like to. It’s extremely easy and takes just a few minutes.

What is the new J+P Warp Drive?

J+P recently released the 737POE 3G Warp Engine Transmitter, enabling users to rotate any video signal up to 1/10th of one degree. The 737POE can be added to a currently installed Just Add Power 3G system to rotate any source in the system.  A single 3G Warp Engine Transmitter can build a full Mosaic Video Wall with the ability to show any source in the system! 

Just Add Power has always been able to offer mosaic walls, but the display screens always had to be hung level. Should you wish to tilt a screen, you can rotate the on-screen display live as it happens, making video walls easier than ever.

What interfaces for control can be used?

Enado™ can be used with anything that has a web browser, so your tablet, phone, computer, Echo Show, Smart TV etc. Simply type in or favourite the IP address of the Enado™ and you’ll be given control of your devices. You can even create shortcuts to make it look like an app to your client. Enado™ allows you to view its interface differently for mobile and larger devices which can be customised individually. 

Is it easy?

As briefly touched on before, it’s a simple import file for all of your commands. Then assign your commands to whichever buttons you wish. The Enado™ system can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be, but OneAV will always assist you as much as we can.

Where can I learn more about J+P & Enado™?

We have a free webinar series around Enado™ including an episode about how you can integrate Just Add Power. Alternatively, you can arrange a call with any of the technical team to answer any questions you may have. Another option would be to arrange a face-to-face meeting with one of the team, where we’ll come to you at a time convenient to teach you everything you need to know. Remember you’ll also earn points to spend with OneAV on your trade account when you’ve upon completion of your training.

Speak to your account manager today on 01684 576348 or visit

OneAV host Aurora AOne training dates!

We’re thrilled to be hosting two training dates for integrators to benefit from on the 5th and 19th of March.

Spaces are limited, so grab your space while you can!

The event is completely free, and we’ll even reward you with OneAV reward points for attending! Here’s those all-important details you’ve been waiting for:

Date: 5th March Location: Aurora Lighting, 6 Little Burrow, Burrowfield, Welwyn Garden City AL7 4SW –

Date: 19th March Location: Carwood Park Swillington Common Farm Selby Rd Leeds LS15 4LG –

Introducing the OneAV Brand Tour at ISE!

With the launch of our shiny new website and amazing new reward points system, we wanted to give you the chance to earn up to 10,000 points (£100 cash value) to spend with OneAV on future orders. The plan is to help provide you with even more of a reason to visit our partner brands on their stands and experience the range of exceptional products for yourself.

So, how is this going to work? 

When you visit us on our stand (1-N134), you’ll be given a OneAV lanyard with a tour card to take with you to each stand. We have 7 key partner brands that have their own amazing stand space that we want you to visit and experience for yourself: 

  • Vogel’s
  • Bluesound
  • Focal
  • NAD
  • Monitor Audio
  • ProofVision
  • Vivitek

So, all you need to do is visit each stand and learn more about the brand. At each stand you will then be given a sticker to ‘check off’ that brand from your tour card. That sticker is worth 1000 points or £10 of credit which will be added to your OAV account. If you visit all 7 stands and we will give you 10,000 OneAV points or £100 worth of credit to spend with us. If you manage to get to 3 stands, then you’ll receive 3000 points or £30….Think of the exercise as a thank-you from us for taking the time to support OneAV and our partner brands.

We are also setting-up other ways for you to earn reward points at ISE:

  • Take a picture of our stand and post it on social media, tag OneAV and you’ll earn 300 points.
  • Take a video of our stand showing the products and the team for social media, tag OneAV and you’ll earn 500 points.
  • Post on social media which OneAV product/brand stood out the most for you and why, tag OneAV and you’ll earn 300 points.

*Please note that this promotional exercise is specific to UK accounts.

Vivitek via OneAV for Projectors and more.

February 6th 2020, Malvern – OneAV, a Malvern-based company supplying the latest AV and smart home lifestyle technology products announce their latest partnership with Vivitek, leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products. 

Greg Mack, Sales Manager of Vivitek UK, commented:Demand for Vivitek’s wide range of visual display and collaboration solutions is ever increasing in the UK, as the market recognises how Vivitek’s ‘ecosystem’ approach to AV is true driver for enhanced collaboration and efficiency. With its AV experience and expertise – combined with its customer-first approach – we are convinced that OneAV is ideally positioned to respond to this demand, and will enable Vivitek to reach even more end users in the UK.

Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem combines wireless collaboration and digital signage functionalities for large format display devices. Vivitek’s comprehensive product line is ideal for any type of visual communication, from meetings, digital signage at the same time. Whether for business or education, the Novo Ecosystem is a flexible and scalable solution that delivers convenience and ease of use. Designed to deliver a truly collaborative wireless meeting space, Vivitek offers Add-On models to upgrade existing displays, as well as All-in-One solutions with NovoProjector and the NovoDisplay and NovoTouch flat panels. Connection across all models is easy with the free NovoConnect App for laptop and mobile devices, in addition to the guest LauncherPlus modules. Vivitek’s plug-and-play Launchers for meeting participants (like guests), creates a direct, wireless connection between their laptop and the NovoConnect devices. 

James Trumper, Director of OneAV added: “We are thrilled to welcome Vivitek on board with our commercial range of products. Being able to offer integrators class leading projection and wireless collaboration solutions expands the lengths we can go to when helping complete quotes for their clients. We truly believe Vivitek will add value-for-money solutions that integrators are just going to love.”


Released by Kirsty Jennings, Editor-In-Chief of OneAV UK 07718922448

There’s only OneAV you need to see at ISE 2020.

OneAV is the only UK CI distributor with a dedicated booth at ISE. Andy Oattes has shared with Essential Install what OneAV customers can expect in 2020.

OneAV with its UK and German teams are proud to be exhibiting at ISE 2020 for the fourth year running, and this year we’ll have a completely different type of feel to our booth. Come and chat with us about future projects, catch-up with the team, and check out the variety of residential and commercial products that we’re exhibiting, including some new and exciting products. So, which brands should you keep a lookout for on OneAV’s stand this year?


With MHUB PRO 2.0, HDA have dreamt up the dream matrix. Designed for uncompromising AV professionals who don’t have time to find workarounds or accept compromise. With perfect-plug-n-play 18G 100 metre 4K support, audio return (ARC in Control4) and 4K>1080 downscaling, MHUB PRO 2.0 is next-level matrixing.

Just Add Power

Just Add Power & Enado Control

The AV-over-IP experts at J+P will be demonstrating instant switching video matrixing, video walls, image tiling and new hardware for creating mosaic video walls called the ‘warp engine’, as well as a new smaller, slimmer wall plate Transmitter. The J+P live demo will be controlled via Enado to show off the browser-based control platforms rich features for simple AV system control. 

Hero Labs

Sonic by Hero Labs is a ground-breaking smart water monitor with automatic shut-off that integrates into 3rd party control systems. Fitted directly to the mains, it can detect minute water flows and identify appliances connected to the plumbing network for usage monitoring. 

For those OneAV stocked brands that we can’t fit on our booth we have the OneAV ISE brand tour, where guests can visit our other key suppliers like NAD, Focal, Monitor Audio & Phillips Commercial Display Solutions on their stands for a personal demo and overview. Visit them all and you’ll go into a draw to win OAV points to be redeemed against future purchases!

Lots of exciting initiatives and new brands are landing at OneAV in 2020, and it’s barely even begun! Speak to your account manager for more information on any of these announcements and to get involved in our wonderful events! Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!

Andy Oattes

OneAV Reward Points & Cashback Credit

A loyalty programme that instantly translates into more profitability for you!

As a OneAV trade account customer, you’re automatically enrolled onto our new Rewards Points scheme. 

Every time your business orders you earn reward points – 3 points for every £1 spent. You can then convert your amassed points into ‘cashback credits’ at a rate of 100 to £1 against any order.

For example: spending £1000 earns 3000 points, which converts (3000 ÷ 100 = 30) to £30 in cashback credit. This can be redeemed on your next order for up to £30 off, or left to be stored in your balance and saved up further.

From time to time we’ll run double or triple points promotions on certain brands or products, so keep your eyes open for them.

Points aren’t only earned through purchases but also through training, event attendance (business and social) as well as participation in OneAV marketing activities.  

Don’t lose your points! Turn on notifications

Within your ‘My OneAV Trade Account’ section, we recommend that you click on the ‘Rewards Points’ link in the left-hand menu and turn on notifications to both receive emails when reward points are added to the balance and when your reward points are about to expire.

Earn more points by promoting yourself!

Want to know more about what you can do to earn some extra OneAV reward points? You can earn more points to spend with us by posting on your social media whenever you use OneAV. You show off your business and your handiwork and earn points for tagging us! Here are examples below. T&C’s apply.

Monitor Audio solutions for every application, taste and budget – now available from OneAV.

January 2020 – OneAV is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with British hi-fi loudspeaker brand Monitor Audio Ltd. As an authorised distributor, OneAV’s depth and range of speaker products are significantly broadened with performance-per-pound that’s hard to criticise.

For over 40 years, Monitor Audio has been producing sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra discreet & high-quality sound around the home, commercial properties and outdoor environments.  In the strength and number of their ever-evolving product portfolio, Monitor Audio continues to demonstrate the power of high quality, high-performance solutions that serve every application, taste and budget. More recently the company released a range of cutting edge installation amplifier solutions to their range and many of the companies expansive range of products are already included in The CEDIA Designer software, to ensure designing cinemas is a simple and efficient process.  So confident in their product quality, Monitor offers a Lifetime Warranty on the majority of their speakers.

James Trumper, Director of OneAV comments on the collaboration:We’re thrilled to be working with Monitor Audio to complement our existing range of audio solutions. Not only are their speakers beautifully designed with great engineering and high-quality sound, but Monitor fits perfectly into our performance per pound ethos. We’re looking forward to being able to offer our dealers a substantially increased range of audio solutions for their residential and commercial projects”.

A good example of Monitor’s innovative speaker design would be the award winning Vecta, designed for discreet installations under eaves and in corners. The stylish and compact all-weather speaker can be configured as a group for 360-degree sound and can be used indoors or outdoors (IP55 rated), maximising the audio performance and efficiency of your install.

Monitor Audio UK Sales Account Manager, Jon Bennett, commented:I’m excited about expanding the reach of the Monitor Audio brand by partnering with OneAV as our latest Authorised Custom Install distributor. Leveraging the diverse custom install and trade customers the team at OneAV already serves, this new partnership represents a unique opportunity to bring our environmental and architectural products to those who are seeking one manufacturer to satisfy these needs. With access to a broad portfolio of Monitor Audio speaker and amplification products – many with a Lifetime Warranty – OneAV’s customers will really have all the tools available to them to deliver high quality, bespoke installations that stand apart from the crowd.

For more information on Monitor Audio, or to find out more about their product range and how it will compliment your custom installations, speak to your account manager today 

on 01684 576348.

OneAV team up with with the Aurora Lighting Group, a leader in LED and smart lighting

‘Smart Inside’ & ‘Make Smart’ products for New Build & Retrofit projects

January 2020 – OneAV, a Malvern-based company supplying the latest AV and smart home lifestyle technology products announce their latest partnership with the Aurora Lighting Group, a leader in LED and smart lighting.

A product to keep your eye on is the AOne™ mProZX Fixed IP65 tuneable fire-rated downlight. Zigbee controlled, this IP65 direct replacement has a convenient one-step installation process and features a convertible body with a removable driver for recess voids as low as 56mm. Installing and using ‘Smart Inside’ the mProZX, it can be controlled individually or as part of a group and the tunable white feature allows the user to control the colour temperature between 2200-5000K.

Thomas Lane, Aurora’s Head of Smart Home Partnerships, says: “We’re extremely excited to be partnering with OneAV and making our products accessible via their portal to OneAV customers. This is an exciting time for the industry and we’re pleased to be offering a wide range of smart lighting that installers can easily use for both residential and commercial applications. Throughout 2020 we will be touring the UK and delivering Aurora Smart training in a city near you! We will show electricians and installers exactly how our Aurora Smart Lighting system works and how it can be installed in 4 simple steps. The programme is free, so all you need to do is sign up (at and turn up.

Smart Lighting is here and in high demand. You’ll gain all the necessary information to become an AOne Smart Lighting installer. If you want to learn more about Aurora Lighting’s AOne system and range first, take a look at our AOne website page to see the products that will be available in stockists soon:

To register, visit Once registered you will receive a welcome email from the Aurora Smart Installer Team (within 7 days). The details of the location, dates and times of the training will be sent to you in due course. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact the team via email:

Andy Oattes, Sales Director of OneAV said: “OneAV are really excited to be working with Aurora on the launch of their amazing AOne Smart Lighting range. Smart LED lighting is a really fast-growing product sector within CI and the AOne range has been meticulously created to maximise performance and efficiency per pound spent. Aurora are rapidly becoming the number one choice for integrators around the world and have incredible history and experience in lighting design and manufacturing. Our Sales and technical teams will be working alongside Thomas and the team at Aurora to help build the channel and demonstrate their amazing range of products.. We believe this partnership is a game-changer for installers that believe in providing the best value smart LED lighting solutions on their residential and commercial projects.

OneAV and Aurora are hosting a training day on Thursday the 5th of March at Welwyn Garden City, and Thursday 19th March at a Northern location TBC. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Speak to your account manager for more information or to book your place!