Bluesound Professional – the World’s first modern music ecosystem for commercial spaces.

“Don’t be a purveyor of professionally installed, unprofessional audio systems in commercial spaces”

OneAV’s Mr Audio, Andy Oattes tells us why Bluesound Professional should be your chosen music ecosystem for commercial projects.

Designed primarily with commercial spaces in mind (but also great for any multi-zone audio project!) Bluesound Professional is a convenient, hassle-free ecosystem of hardware and software solutions for networked distributed audio. The range includes rack-mounted amplifiers, streamers, and wall/ceiling-mounted powered speakers to facilitate easy design, installation, setup and use of complete music systems in installations from one zone to large multi-zone facilities.

Many professional integrators are regularly installing audio systems designed for residential settings into commercial spaces and promoting Spotify as the main music source. But not many know that somewhere buried in Spotify’s T&Cs is an agreement to only stream music for personal use. A dedicated commercial music service such as SoundMachine should be used and is easily accessible in Bluesound Pro’s BluOS software.

Other familiar issues that often arise from using residential music systems are an inability to cope with the power demands of larger physical spaces and a lack of balanced audio, therefore more susceptible to loss and distortion. Then there are the obvious issues of unwanted control from customers via Airplay, Bluetooth and other means. It’s not uncommon to see iPads with 3.5mm audio cables, and free control of music selection for staff and their tastes, which may mean you’re not getting the desired ambience you want in your bar, cafe, gym, shop or restaurant! All ultimately feeling rather inelegant, clunky and lacking… dare I say a professionally installed, unprofessional audio system!

Bluesound Pro’s value proposition is key to its appeal over other systems, providing the capabilities of the most expensive high-end brands at a price that is hard to criticise. Bluesound’s Canadian parent company Lenbrook is also home to famous high-quality audio brands NAD and PSB. The development team of audio experts across Lenbrook’s portfolio of brands have managed to ensure that heritage and undeniable pedigree flows through the high-quality circuitry and components inside Bluesound Pro’s product lineup. With the capability of replaying Hi-Res Audio and MQA content, the BluOS distributed audio and music management platform is promoted as “the world’s first modern music distribution ecosystem for commercial spaces.”
Being a big audio guy, I can vouch for the fact that the product sounds amazing!

10 of my favourite Bluesound Professional features:

  • Rack-mounted or local device design, with wall-mounted integrated speakers – for flexibility of installation
  • No power switches – that can then accidentally be switched off
  • +4 dBu instead of home audio -10dbV for correct gain and low noise
  • Fully balanced I/O on pluggable barrier strip for secure installation
  • Password access for secure control of the system – no unwanted access
  • Wall controllers with lock for custom-defined use e.g volume/playlist/zone and easy to reach control
  • Local USB storage and specific commercial music options such as SoundMachine
  • Local analog mic/line and digital outputs and remote triggers and system interrupts and fire muting
  • Flexible and powerful control from third-party control systems for all of today’s market-leading systems. 
  • Lossless music playback of up to 24bit/192kHz to every zone

As you can see, there are a plethora of amazing features built-in to the system. Bluesound Pro is the perfect solution for Integrators who want conflict-free installation, reliable and market-tested solutions, flexible system design, premium audio quality, and dedicated integrator support. 

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Bluesound Professional provides free weekly training webinars that you can access from anywhere. The highly focused one-hour training sessions, hosted by Graeme Harrison, VP and General Manager at Bluesound Professional, and a select group of commercial audio experts, are specifically tailored to introduce you to Bluesound Professional’s line of commercial audio streamers, amplifiers and speakers, and how to effectively integrate them into commercial environments.

Introduction to Bluesound Professional
Weekly @ 10 am et/7 am pst 

This one-hour webinar is an introductory course to Bluesound Professional and will provide you with a detailed overview of the brand, its hardware and technologies, and ways to integrate Bluesound Professional into commercial AV systems.

Tips & Tricks with Q&A
Weekly @ 7 pm et/4 pm pst 

The one-hour course provides a comprehensive approach to commercial AV design through a series of “how to” instructions and practical tips & tricks with Bluesound Professional products based on typical real-world commercial applications.

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