Just Add Power and Enado™ – a match made in heaven – but why?

Just Add Power is a cost-effective 4K Ultra HD video-over-IP system with integrated video wall capabilities. Enado™ is a profitable intuitive control and automation solution. Used together to deliver the ultimate viewing experience, users can change any display to any source and select their desired video wall configuration on the fly, whether it be one large image across all the displays, nine independent images, or any combination in between with one simple touch using any web-browser enabled device. That can even be a cost-effective sub £100 device like an Amazon Echo Show.

The J+P platform supports 4K Ultra HD resolutions with no latency over a single Cat 5e cable, HDMI 2.0 devices with HDCP 2.2, HDR, HDR10, and uncompressed lossless multichannel audio formats — including Dolby Atmos— offers built-in video wall functionality for displays installed in portrait and flipped configurations, as well as image push, pull, and pop features. An integrated scaler on the receiver automatically adjusts the picture to fit the screen. Control inputs with RS-232, CEC, and IR are all available.

The J+P & Enado™ demo was extremely popular at ISE and the pairing was described as ‘a match made in heaven’. Chris Cadwallader, Technical Advisor for OneAV tells why they work so well together.

Why do they work well together?

Just Add Power is an IP controlled system whose source to display control is determined by the switching of VLANs present on the PoE switch powering the Just Add Power devices. Enado™ is an affordable, flexible and simple operating system/brain that facilitates superior control through a simple touch screen interface that runs on any web-enabled device, smartphone or tablet.

One of the main methods of control Enado™ offers is IP, making Enado™ ideal for Just Add Power. With Enado™, you can create a button that is capable of doing any amount of commands. Do you want to switch Display X to Source Y? It can do that! Want to switch your video wall (16 devices) to Source Z? It can do that no problem.

Control of Just Add Power’s switching is not the limit here. With a static route comes Layer 3 control. This enables you to control every Just Add Power device individually however you may need. Typically you would use this to send serial commands over IP, change video wall modes and so much more. From my experience with Just Add Power and Enado™, my options have been limitless. Those of you who went to our stand at ISE will have seen the interface we had created and how easy and simple it was to use.

How is it set up?

You can import a file pre-generated by Just Add Power, and this gives you all of the switching commands that you need in order to control your video over IP solution. From there, you can create buttons within the Enado™ system and start assigning these commands to them however you would like to. It’s extremely easy and takes just a few minutes.

What is the new J+P Warp Drive?

J+P recently released the 737POE 3G Warp Engine Transmitter, enabling users to rotate any video signal up to 1/10th of one degree. The 737POE can be added to a currently installed Just Add Power 3G system to rotate any source in the system.  A single 3G Warp Engine Transmitter can build a full Mosaic Video Wall with the ability to show any source in the system! 

Just Add Power has always been able to offer mosaic walls, but the display screens always had to be hung level. Should you wish to tilt a screen, you can rotate the on-screen display live as it happens, making video walls easier than ever.

What interfaces for control can be used?

Enado™ can be used with anything that has a web browser, so your tablet, phone, computer, Echo Show, Smart TV etc. Simply type in or favourite the IP address of the Enado™ and you’ll be given control of your devices. You can even create shortcuts to make it look like an app to your client. Enado™ allows you to view its interface differently for mobile and larger devices which can be customised individually. 

Is it easy?

As briefly touched on before, it’s a simple import file for all of your commands. Then assign your commands to whichever buttons you wish. The Enado™ system can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be, but OneAV will always assist you as much as we can.

Where can I learn more about J+P & Enado™?

We have a free webinar series around Enado™ including an episode about how you can integrate Just Add Power. Alternatively, you can arrange a call with any of the technical team to answer any questions you may have. Another option would be to arrange a face-to-face meeting with one of the team, where we’ll come to you at a time convenient to teach you everything you need to know. Remember you’ll also earn points to spend with OneAV on your trade account when you’ve upon completion of your training.

Speak to your account manager today on 01684 576348 or visit OneAV.co.uk

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