Deliver perfect mobile phone signals with Cel-Fi

Bring your outside phone signal inside to every corner, with an Ofcom-approved, UK legal solution from Cel-Fi.

We’ve all experienced mobile phone signal blackspots in buildings, frustratedly waved our phones in the air and walked to a window to get bars. Constructions with concrete and steel, basement levels, or rural homes can often suffer from weakened signal coverage inside buildings.

Whilst many other solutions remain illegal, Cel-Fi systems are Ofcom-approved, able to boost the strongest point of signal and repeat it throughout a building. If you get four bars of signal outside, that’s what you’ll have inside the building when using UK legal Cel-Fi products.

A Cel-Fi SOLO smart signal booster can be installed in under 15 minutes.


ONEAV offer pre-configured packages for any of the 4 major networks (O2, EE, Vodaphone and Three) including all required cabling and antennas.

For larger projects, ONEAV’s expert technical support team can help you design and commission a system from start to finish.

Get in touch today to learn more about adding mobile signal boosting to your repertoire.

Watch our Cel-Fi webinar to learn more…

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